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Communication Project

Hi, So.. I am planning to improve my speaking skill through writing. I know that this is a little bit different and unique but I hope you can learn how to improve your speaking skill by using my method. I would love to say this method as "Speaking by Writing".

The main idea is you write what you are thinking and try to utter it by yourself or with someone else. This method is for adult which already has learned English vocabulary and grammar. The basic learning of English. you don't have to fluent in English, yes obviously.

The first rule is just write
the second rule is never change your mistake. if you consider it while writing, then re-write it with a better grammar or spelling.
the third rule is let's be consistent

The main purpose of this project is to improve our grammar and fluency while speaking. I know it takes time to think about the vocabulary, combine it grammar and speak like a native speaker. (wait, I have learned that you do not need to sound like a native speaker because English is an International language which is owned by non-native speaker too!).

Okay, that's a brief explanation about this and let's get started!

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