How to Plan your Trip to EUROPE #EuropeTrip part 3

Hola.. back again..
Now, I am going to share about how to plan your trip to Europe. Well, actually.. my first intention to Europe is not for vacation. Instead, for conference. However, I went to Europe when I was in holiday. So, why not to stay longer in there to have a look how the Europe Countries are.

So, we booked a flight from Melbourne to Vienna on 20 June and Vienna to Melbourne on 10 July.
It was about 20 days travelling. So, we started our journey in Italy. we had one day to go to the city and back to the airport at 5pm. we arrived in Italy at 7 am, then took a bus to the city. Do not forget to buy a return ticket if you want to come back to the airport. It is about 14 Euros.

Then, we continue to Vienna. From here...

Here is our crazy plan in Europe
Melbourne-Abu Dhabi-Italy-Vienna
Budapest (2 days)
Vienna (5 days)
Prague (2 days)
Berlin (2 days)
Amsterdam (2 days)
Paris (3 days)
Swiss (4 days)
Zurich-Italy-Abu Dhabi-Melbourne
I know that this is so unbelievable... However, It's the best trip ever in my life.. hhaha..
Well, Mostly, in Europe we use Flixbus.. It is so comfortable, you can have wifi (limited only), then you have a good space in the bus, also you can charge your cellphone, there is a toilet in there. Also, not so many people use the bus. So, me and my friend sometimes take one row, so we can sleep.. hhaha..

In this trip, I just went to Europe with my friend, Anna. Fortunately, we had a great time also we the transportation is amazing. my return flight from Melbourne to Italy is Etihad. It is amazing, the food is great, especially for halal food. Then, the flixbus is also lovely. Then, we only use for our hotels. It is cheaper than Airbnb, well.. I do not why.. Sometimes, we stay in our friends' house and only pay the bills so it is much cheaper.

Then.. in each countries, we bought one day ticket. Almost all of them provide 24 hour ticket, so we bought one and then the next day we only bought 2 single tickets. The way we touch on and touch off  is really different with Melbourne style. So.. it is such an experience.

the most interesting thing in planning your trip is managing your time. So, first.. you should know how long you will travel. Then, decide which country that you want to visit, what you are going to do, how much time do you need to spend your time in there. Then, you can adjust it with your bus or flight ticket. Make sure you will be arrived in there 30 minutes or an hour. You can manage your time such as eating at the bus station so you will not miss the bus or it will be such a problem.

Then... I recommend to stay in one country and explore more rather than seeing all of it for a short time. However, I am happy that I did it because I can see a different place and culture. Well, I can say I recommend both but if you did this crazy style you will realize that your next vacation will be different.

It is so great to lead your own journey.. I have learned something new, saw something different and met amazing people. It was inspire me a lot and I love to do it. It is part of my DNA. learning is everywhere. Even when I still studying in Australia, far away from my home for two years,.. I am still learning and get something new every single day. Sometimes, I discover myself, I discover a new knowledge and that is so beautiful. Alhamdulillah.. :)

So, Keep Positive Everyone!!


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