How to make Schengen VISA in Australia

Hi... I would like to share with you about how to make Schengen VISA in Australia. As an International student, I have student VISA in this lovely country, Australia. honestly, I would like to write this in Bahasa Indonesia about bagaimana cara membuat Schengen VISA. However, I think my audience is only few from Indonesia. So, let me know if you need in Bahasa Indonesia.

So.. if you want to travel in EUROPE, you need Schengen VISA. you can go to several countries such as Italy, Swiss, France, Spanyol, Netherlands, Austria, Hungary, Republic of CEKO and others. Then, you can apply for Schengen Visa only in the country which you arrived from your origin country or in the country where you spend the most through your trip. So, for me I flew from Melbourne to Italy, then I have short trip in several countries. However, I only transit in Italy then took another flight to Austria. I travelled for 20 days, however I went to 9 countries in Europe. However, I had a conference in Austria, so I stayed in there for 5 days.

From my situation, I have two options. First, to apply the Visa from Italy embassy or Austria Embassy. After compare and analyse the requirements. we decided to apply form the Italy embassy which is easier. here is the requirement.

The compulsory document are:
  1. Passport
  2. Australian VISA (VEVO)
  3. Itinerary
  4. Flight Ticket
  5. Travel Insurance
  6. Accommodation (Booking Confirmation)
  7. COE
  8. Settlement Doc (to prove your address such as the rent agreement)
  9. Bank Statement
  10. Pre-paid Envelope
You also need to confirm your purpose of travelling such as to visit, holiday or conference. Because I travel for conference so we need to attach more document

1. Invitation Letter
2. Receipt
3. The confirmation of participation from the organisation

In Australia, you can apply the VISA from the VFS global, just go to the website and choose which embassy that you want to apply from.

Then, after open the website, check the application that you need then you must make an appointment to the VFS. you can do it online in their website. From my experience, you must make appointment as soon as possible in peak season (at least three month before the day of flight). We travelled in June which is winter in Australia but summer in Europe. As you know, it is peak season. so, we make an appointment in the first May, However, we must wait for three weeks because there are so many people make one. Then, bring the document (bring the original and the copy) to the office. You will make payment in there, it is about AU$120. Then, if you still have document that is needed to be completed, you need to take it within three days. They will keep your document and give you some notes about what you need to bring. Finally, you just need to wait until they will send you back your passport with the Schengen VISA, insya Allah.

Even though, it sounds so easy but I need to come again the next day for my missing document. Also, I needed to provide the passport photo (I use standard photo before). Fortunately, in downstairs, there is a photo service. So, I just paid $15 ( which may reach 40 in the post office, hhoho)

Then, I hope this writing is helpful to guide you about how to make the Schengen VISA. It is time to travel, let's prepare yourself!

Then, I in the next writing, I will share about how to schedule your EUROPE Trip. 9 countries in 20 days!

Keep Positive Everyone!
See Y!


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