Finish Your Task with 5 Minutes Rules

Assalamu'alaikum... welcome back to my blog!

I love my student life. I know sometimes, it is so challenging to manage my time. Today I am so excited to study but the next day I just want to "leha-leha" at home, or do nothing or I really want to cook. Also, I always make the schedule to finish my task but I end up with rushing with deadline. the other problem probably I need more time to understand one article or reading that make my schedule becomes a little bit messy. But overall.... I LOVE IT.

You know what?
Because this chance motivate me to find the solution for my problems. It is better than having a long holiday but you just want to watch TV series that you like at home, or just hang out everyday with your friends without any achievements that you want to accomplished.

So, Alhamdulillah. I am in this position. I really like this.

Ok, with all of the problems. I have one solution. That is 5 minutes.
I know that I always make an excuse not to read or not to finish my task or think that I do not understand and let me do it tomorrow. It is not my weaknesses or limitiation. It is just me who make an excuse. I was trying to escape from my responsibility. So, I blame anything that I can blame. (hhaha)

When, I want to do nothing, I say to myself. ok, I just want to do reading the novel or watch the youtube but I have my priority. I need to do it even though just a little bit. I will do my homework only five minutes, then I can do what ever I want. First, I will make reading for five minutes.

Then I did
But, I realize that I have done my reading, but now I am understand. So, I just read the book for one minute. Then, I look at the question of my homework. So, I decide to read it again. finally, two minutes left. Then,.. I start writing and hey.. it is done. amazing

You know.. the rules is really simple, you can do it anytime, anywhere and even when you feel that you do not want to do it but you realize that it is your priority. Just five minutes. Then you are half way of finishing your task. The method is likely the same with the procrastination. You know, when you are in front of your computer and doing your work. Then, suddenly you feel so bored and start to visit your facebook account for a while. Then, you feel something excited in there and you want to a little bit longer and longer. In long term, you may think that you only do it for 5 minutes, but in one day, you check your facebook 10 times plus scrolling it down for 10 minutes each. which means you waste your time 150 minutes. Almost 3 hours a day!

Okay, my calculation maybe is not good enough. However, the procrastination is start with calling you for a while with the promise of excitement, happiness, entertainment that will get you out from your "dark" and "hard" work.

In fact, it is not dark or hard. It is your responsibility which when you finish it then you will be satisfied of yourself and you can start another work and live your life.

Then, 5 minutes rules brings your to this method. To get back from the "procrastination world" into "Finish your Task" that will lead you the real happiness and freedom. when you say no or delay to the procrastination you may postpone your temporary happiness or a promise to your happiness. However, with this action you sell the fake promise into the real satisfaction. your work have done.

So, as a postgraduate student in overseas. I can say that my time is so precious and I need to be able to manage it wisely. I believe that you can do it too. So, let's have a try.



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