Conference in Vienna #EuroTrip Part 2

I am so happy that people are so interested with my previous article about how to make Schengen visa. So, now is my second writing about conference.

you may ask me, what is conference for? well, I can say that it is a very good platform to meet people from all of over the world, share ideas, find people who may have the same opinion or literally different idea with you, have fun and practice yourself to share your ideas to other people.

I had a conference in vienna, Austria on 25 June until 29 of June. It is a very nice and lovely moment. actually, I do love the city.. it is very convenient and it feels like home. okay, so I will share about how to apply for a conference and what to do in there.

So, you can find there are so many organisations that held the conference. For instance, IJAS, IAFOR or universities such as Monash, Wien University, or University of Indonesia. Also, you need to know what is their theme or topic or field of study. You can see their advertisements and see if the conference is available for your major or interest. Then, you need to send your abstract. Usually, the deadline is three month before the events or the conference day. So, make sure that if you want to apply a conference in September, you already register in June. Then, it means that you must have your abstract before the date. It is better if you have a paper already. So, it will be easy for you to share your idea.

Then, after register and send your abstract three month before the conference day. Then, it is time to wait for the invitation. They will give an invitation letter for you ( it may be about two weeks after the registration is closed. Then, if your abstract or paper is accepted, they will send you an email and you can pay the conference's fee and get the receipt afterwards.

For me, I get an invitation letter and they give me two weeks to pay the fee. However, if you need more time to do it. Just send an email to them and they will help you further.

Also, usually the fee is for the conference only. They will not provide an accommodation or food or meals at all. So, just bear in mind that you need to prepare your wallet for this.

Then, two weeks before the conference day, they will send you an email about your schedule of presentation and the detail information about the schedule, including the trip.

on the conference day, you will present your ideas or findings. Then, sometimes.. people will ask some questions and ask more about your topic. You need to perform about 15 minutes and you need to be prepared with your files (usually with mic. powerpoint) or if you have a new innovation you can bring your new innovation too..

So, it is so amazing to see how people with their data, their ideas, their findings and share the idea with the expert. you know, when they are talking, you can see there are a lot of passion in their eyes and they are so excited to share about it.

So, Then.. after you present your ideas, you can go wherever you want. I mean.. you can choose any presentation that you want to see. On the schedule, you can find the topic that they will be presented, the people who present and the time that they will present. So, just have fun with and enjoy your day in your conference.

Also, on the trip,.. you can have fun with others. the most interesting thing is you are not only know them, but also learn about their culture, language and hometown. In the international conference, people are coming from different countries. So, it is so excited to talk to them..

Well, I do not know if I can share my photos with you. I am prefer not to..
I hope this can enlighten you about the academic conference, how to apply and what to do in there.

So, Keep positive everyone!


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