Trip to Europe is the best moment in my life

are you questioning why these days I have not published any new articles? if yes, then it is because I have Europe trip. I went to 10 countries in 20 days. sounds crazy? but that is really great. It reminds me that time will pass by. you know, today I will be in hungary, then tomorrow I find myself in Austria, next day in Germany then the next day in Netherlands. Then, I see the Eiffel tower in Paris for the next day smiling while hiking in Switzerland. Feel the fresh air and see so many beautiful mountains around.

I do really hope I will bring the spirit. Spirit of traveller in my daily life. basicly, I am a traveller. Now, I am not in my home country. I am in Australia and I am travelling this far to get knowledge and build my future. Not only that, I can feel the beauty of iman and having muslimah friends around. which is strengthen my iman. Sometimes, I lose sometimes I win. But, in every situation I always try to do my best. I want to go back, go back to Allah all the time. I hope Allah guide me. Amin..

well, I do really want to share my photos and story to you. but not today, maybe tomorrow when I am in the library with bigger computer. hhoho..

Also, I do not understand myself. I wake up all night and sleep in the day. when I wake up, I find it is already dark. you know, In Europe is summer while in Australia is winter. the time is so different. night becomes day and day becomes night. the day is shorter than in the Europe. so, I think I get confuse about the timing. Even though, I have tried to wake myself in the morning and awake all day, but I get sleep and find myself sleep already.

So, cheers
for the beautiful of life and the brightness of the future :)


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