You will be Fine

Hi, everyone
I would like to tell myself in the future that "I'll be alright". There are a lot of things that I am afraid of, it makes me think depth, waste my time, make me wondering and afraid of my own thought. Afraid of something that is not happening, but may be happening. So, I would like to tell my self that, I will be fine.

It's written in Qur'an that Allah is the controller of our life, Allah has written our life, our destiny in Qur'an. Allah is At-Rahman. Allah wants the best for us. So, let's trust Allah and do our best.

You know what, fear is important. to make us aware that there is something important in front of us, that we must be prepared, that we must be ready to face it. Life is about action, right?. So, Allah wants us to make an action as soon as possible to make us ready for his destiny. So, trust Allah because Allah has written the best story for our future, Allah will guide us to the place that he wants us to be. Just like me in here, studying and surrounded by lovely people around me. I feel so grateful, I am fine and I love it.

I want to be a positive thinker. I always write down it in my article. for every pieces of my writing, I always remind myself to be positive. Keep positive and you will be alright.

It is not as easy as writing it or telling it to somebody, I know. However, when we try, we will be satisfied. Be patient, be strong, be yourself and put your trust in Allah. Say it over and over again.

You know what, at the first time when I come to Australia. I can not believe that I can be this though, this strong. Go to Tasmania by myself, go back to Melbourne by myself. Also, work on my dream to write a book. It's a blessing for me. Even though, I know that hey... actually.. it is better for you to go somewhere far away from home with your mahram. you will be more safe, more enjoy it. (lol)
I do not mean anything to say this but yes.. It will be different.

I know that as a muslimah, I need to be someone who keep istiqomah. However, I ask forgiveness from Allah to forgive me and give blessing to this journey.

For all of the story that has came to me and will come to me, I am so grateful that Allah has written it for me. Yes, I'll go Abroad soon and it will be challenging. I ask for Allah's guidance and protection to protect me through my journey. Amin.

Keep Positive Everyone
You will be fine
Catch your dream!


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