The best Love that you can find is when you discover yourself

When I am writing my assignment deadline, I can not stop thinking. I think about everything until I find a dot connection in my daily activity. I discover myself.

Today, I start to write my assignment which is 4000 words. yes, I know that this task is designed perfectly. So, before the final assignment, which is what I do right now, we have stage and steps in writing and thinking about our educational change.

Firstly, I think I improve my writing because I just have finished my essay which is 4000 words in other unit. So, I am getting faster in writing my draft and design it.

Secondly, I do that fast. I have no idea what is it called but I just finish to write my draft, yeah, it is not completed yet but I have the picture for my writing. Which is so Awesome. It may relate to the design of this unit. we have weekly posting which must be uploaded before Thursday night, every week. in writing the posting, I reflect on my educational case studies and I can relate the reading list to my issue. we are asked to reflect on our own issue which help me to understand the materials at the same time. Also, before we write the final essay, we have stage 1 essay. Which is the introduction of our educational change studies and the words count is not as much as the final assessment.

Thirdly, I build my habit just like what I have written in the previous article. I think this is part of the barakah. I realise that I accomplished many tasks in a day. In previous days, I even can not do anything or maybe just do one or two task. I do not know weather this is "the power of kepepet" or The monster (which is deadline) that remind me to take in control of my time. I have not too intense to use my cellphone, even I feel not addicted anymore. I hope I can always take control of my life and be productive everyday.

Hope you can learn something from this,
Especially, for me in the future.
Be discipline and get you success



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