Take a bath with cold water in the morning

Hey, I want to share with you something that really matter for me right now. Nowadays, I accomplished my dream to wake up in the morning. Ramadhan has taught me to wake up in the morning (yes, If not.. you will not eat for sahoor). Also, to sleep after tarawih. As woman, it is recommended for me to pray at my house. However, sometimes it is hard to make myself pray tarawih. sometimes, I delay my isha, delay my tarawih and I end up with sleep at midnight, or maybe scrolling my cellphone before bed. However, because there is tarawih together or pray jamaah in the masjid. I can practice myself to pray isya on time and tarawih afterwards. It is very delightful because I pray together with others. It makes me feel comfort and enjoy my salah. Because everyone is pray and yes.. I learn something that if you doing something together it will feel lighter, better and even so motivating. I got chocolate after pray isya, haha..

Then, because I can pray on time and finish my tarawih faster. I back to my home and sleep. Yes, I can not argue that I can not stop myself from watching the youtube video to make me laugh. I am looking or entertainment. even though, I am already content and hapy by accomplishing my list to do. I am addicted but it is not that hard. I just look a dakwah video on my facebook, motivation video and turn off my computer. It is easier for me not to waste my time in front of the screen after pray on time. Alhamdulillah, Allah makes me stronger and stronger to beat my bad habit and change it to a better habit. I turn it off and sleep around 10 at night.

well, in the morning, I wake up early. However, It's a little bit cold and sleepy. So, I sleep again. However, I am so proud of myself today because I force myself to wake up and eat sahoor.

Then, I decide to take a bath and learn the Qur'an.

I have learned that take a bath with cold water will give you many benefits such as release stress, make my hair healthier and make me completely awake. I do not feel sleepy anymore. However, I realise that at the first day, I just sleep after looking at my computer. do you know why? because I write my essay. I think that, the best activity in the morning is to write the blog, just like this, to learn Qur'an and also to do something that makes me happy such as cooking, make my bed, running or tidy up something in my room, or maybe make a bracelet.

I will tell you another ideas what can of activity that you can do in the morning. However, from now on. I am so happy with what I did. I want to sustain it and do it  every day. I hope Allah will guide me and help me and you to wake up in the morning and start our life with positivity and power to be a success person.

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