Second day Morning routine challange

Hi, I know that today is not the "really" second day of my morning routine. However, let me write about my morning routine today.
As usual, I wake up and go to the bathroom, then I tidy my bed then go to the kitchen. Today's menu is pancake, as usual.. without any fruit, I just want to eat something sweet. Actually, I need to eat fruit, okay, the next day's menu.

Then, I cook for my lunch and dinner as well, hoho... So... I have Fish. It is so nice, I cook hot chilli Fish, I believe that it is really hot because I put 4 chilli and sambal bajak as well. I have no idea about how is the taste. I even forget to put some sugar and salt on the sambal. Ok, never mind.

I can not wait to eat my lunch. haha..
So, Yes, ... It is not kind of interesting morning, isn't? I'll make a better one next time.
However, I am so grateful for today. I wake up earlier than before, I have a good feeling and think positive when I wake up! I hope I can do my best today. Especially, to make my draft for the assignment. Okay, no work in the morning. However, I only have one hour to study. I'll do my best!

Keep Positive everyone! :)


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