Production and Production Capacity #Part1

I would like to make a summary of a my favorite book these days, it is called

7 Habits of Highly effective people By stephen R. Covey

Today I would like to share with you about a book that inspire me a lot. I was thinking about this book when I wash dishes, thinking by myself. I can find it in everywhere.

So, there is a story about the poor man and the golden eggs. one day, a poor man find a cage with a goose inside of it. Then, he bring it home and put it on the table. he is really hungry and intend to cook the goose for his meal. when he open the cage and want to catch the goose, he surprises. he sees a golden egg. he is not sure if it is a real egg, he try to break it but he can not. it is a real gold.

Shortly, he becomes rich and wants more and more. he becomes greedy. One day, he does not find a golden egg in the cage. he is so angry to the goose and can not wait for the next two days for the goose to produce the egg. Then, he take the knife to take the egg directly from its stomach. but he find nothing. he loose the golden eggs and the goose.

This story is an illustration about how we want a result (golden egg) without taking care of the process (goose). Sometimes, we just think about how to get the golden egg and the production capacity. the golden egg is illustrated as production and the goose as the production capacity.

when the man does not taking care of the goose, it will not be able to give the golden egg. when the man can not use the golden egg to give the food to the goose, it will not be as productive as before. both the golden eggs and the goose must be used effectively.

In other words, to be effective, to be productive we must taking care of the person that produce the golden eggs. I will give you a simple explanation. when we really want to wake up in the morning, we do not taking care of ourselves, we do not care how many hours do we need to sleep and how to make a good sleep for ourselves and how to make us sleep effectively. such as no tv an hour before sleep, no screen, no smartphone, etc. Otherwise, we just expect ourselves to wake up early, turn the alarm on at early in the morning, make one, two, three alarm, etc. without taking care of ourselves, it is really impossible for us to get the best production such as wake up early with full of energy.

So, when we wake up early but we tired then we must question ourselves. it is not because we are not a morning person. but maybe, because not taking care of ourselves.

For this reason, let's start the morning from the night before. when we want to wake up early, let's find out what we need. for me, I need about 8-9 hour sleep. so, if I want to wake up at 5. I need to sleep at 9 or 8. In addition, I can not force myself to sleep afterwards when I come to bed. I need process to sleep. No smartphone from 7 pm. (now is 9.30 and I am in front of my laptop, Brilliant!!)

In addition, I need to turn of the lamp at 7.30 to make me sleep at 8 or at 8.30 to make me sleep at 9. Then, I can wake up at 5. This number, can be decreased when I am exercise. I may need only 5 hours sleep so I can get full the stages of sleep effectively. Then, I can wake up with a lot of energy. I can decrease through giving myself an hour exercise in the morning or evening. That's my kind of life style.

Okay, this is just one example, I may be not able to shorten my hour of sleep because I am used to it. However, I can give more time for me, it may be not at 5. could be at 7. then, I need to repair it tomorrow. So, Okay. I need to finish it now. I hope you can use this short story, this illustration and try to get what you want through the right way. If you want the production, you need to make sure that you manage the production capacity well. I hope you have a great day.

keep positive, Everyone!


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