Personality, Pride and Money

It is not about us, it is about a girl. No matter what she did, she always traps in her own personality.
She always afraid to loose her money, without realising that at the end, she will never bring it home. he just play in a big playground with her friend with this kind of games. she lives in awareness and the world try to wake her up that it is not real, just a game.

Sometimes, she fear of not having money just like before. she was graduates but have no anything to buy, live in a very cosmic life. when she has everything, she still in that fear until she said "enough". She open her heart to the fear and awareness come to her life, she welcomes and let it live in surround her. But she will never let it control her own heart, she will do what she believes. she will take it for granted. she will let it just like that. Continue her life and get something else that is more real to her to bring it home.

\face it. why do we so afraid to face something that makes us uncomfortable? Indeed. we want a happy life, a comfortable life, a great life to live. However, we spend our time to worry about the future. How if we lose this we take this risk? how if we do not get anything if we take that risk? risk is something that make us growth. So, if there is a chance to win why do we so afraid to be loose?

However, I have one question to this girl. What risk do you take? what chance do you have?
the she said "I believe that this risk, I will go to Austria to make myself growth, to improve my skill in leadership, initiative, fast respond, to care about other people, to improve my communication skill, to see the world, to open my mind, to make myself realize that so many different thing in this world"
Then, What risk do I bring? she said
"Money that I have, it is just number, it may make me happy but never fulfil me. This journey will give value more than it. It will teach me about letting something go, let it go and bring happiness to me"
Then, do you feel happy or do you will feel happy
she said "I am not feel happy right now, However I am so conscious on every thing that I do. Especially how I spend my time. Why should I waste that money and risk my comfortable moment? But I will let the fear come to me but not control me, I will not get overwhelmed with happiness too. I just need to balance myself and do what I think is right."
So, what do you think a right thing?
"To wake me up with my fear every single morning, To realize that you are not perfect, To realize that in this world, we must work hard on dunya and akhira. We must work hard to success in this world and after world. I believe that this journey is important to me. If Allah let me to take this action and have this feeling. Then, I believe that hope, faith and action will help me to be a good muslimah. I know that this is so uncomfortable. But learning right now, doing it right now is better than never do this at all. at least I try, at Least I will do my best and take into account of my action and how I spend my time every single day, every single hours."
So, what do you want?
"If you can change yourself by using this fear to fight your laziness and wasting time. I would be appreciate it and we did it. It is not about destination. It is about the process to go there. It is of course will just pass by but how you face is the most important thing."

Let me highlight your summary
"It is not about destination, it is about the process to go there. It will be pass by so be wise on your action"

I have no idea about what will happen next. But I would say to this Girl. "I am proud of you"
Thankyou for having me in your life. Thankyou for believing in Allah and have faith in Allah to face all of this.

This girl, is me


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