MOrning Routine Day 3

Hey, I did the challenge! Today's morning routine is amazing!
well, I have a good sleep, then.. I go to bathroom, brush my teeth and clean my face. Then, I tidy my room in just minutes. I am so happy that I am not attached so much with my cellphone. I am so grateful this morning. Also, watch a video about how to read book consistently and use the journal to remind me of good words to achieve success that Maybe I can apply to it too. So, read the book, write some chosen sentences in a journal then highlight some of good words. Then, when I want to write in my blog I can use it. Yes.. I will learn how to write a better way for my blog. You know, it is just a diary for me but I think it is better to write something depth and give positive thinking to other people. It is better rather than asking other to listen to my own thought or complain or compliment.

Okay, I just want to give you testimony how amazing it is to have a morning routine. I mean, wake up early in the morning, cook and having breakfast without any interference such as cellphone or television. I know it is hard, but when you try once, twice and third time, you will get more productive life than before. You are more focus and conscious of procrastination.

Hey, I have depth thinking without any book though,, LOL

well, let's continue our topic. So, the second thing that I feel is I think it is getting better. compared with my first day, It seems like I am still searching such as what will I do? What I need to do best? Also, I prefer to delay my breakfast just because I want to stay longer in my bed. Which also happen today. However, I realize faster than before. I decide to get out from my bed and start my day. I even do not think about this challenge. Unconsciously, I just want to start my activity.

To be honest, I have some plan to do this morning. I would like to go to jogging or running, a little bit far away from here. It is in Jells park which is only 15 minutes ride or one hour by bus. Well, the running will be started at 8.30 which means I need to go from 7.30. Which means that I need to wake up 30 minutes before to prepare myself, wash my face, eat my breakfast. So, I expect too much about my self. So, here I am. Still at home but I am proud of my self because I replace it with something better. Clean up my messy room and tidy my bed. Also, I can start my assignment in early in the morning. what a bless. Alhamdulillah.

The other thing that I want to share to you is about perfection. As students, I know that "Great things do take times". However, when I feel stuck in my work. I prefer not to touch it because I do not know and I just expect myself to know it without knowing how to know it. Confuse? Yes, me too.

In other words, I just want everything instantly, learning English instantly, get a food instantly. This is so unbelieveable. I have 24 hours but I spend more hours on internet and doing my real life instantly. Just like what I did on my smartphone.

Suddenly, I have a good idea. challenge to write my morning routine is done. FInish. Accomplished.
Now, I have a new challenge. 3 days without my cellphone. I mean, I still have time to check my WhatsApp and email 3 times a day but not to touch it except for an emergency such as receving call or listening to the Qur'an. I can make a note for the adzan time, so I do not need to open the application in my cellphone. I can start it from today and it should be 3 days from now.

Yes, Challenge Accepted!


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