I am on Fire!

You know what, today, I attend a seminar by AM Fatwa.

It makes my brain working and working. yes, it is happening when I read too. at night, when I read the 7 habits of highly effective people. I can not sleep! haha, what a dangerous book. Maybe, I can not read it at night, I should read it in the morning. Okay, then.

well, learn from other's experience is really useful. it gives me more understanding about politics in Indonesia, about leadership and many more. I am so grateful that I come to that place, Alhamdulillah. One thing I really remember is about how Indonesia is free by Muslim. These days, people in Indonesia have a very sad story, between muslim, Christian and chinese. They say that muslim are fanatic or we are too much with Ahok. However, as someone who has religion and hear that what I believe is told as nonsense. I can not accept it, especially when that person who state it, talk in front of the people who have the same religion or believe as mine. He said it in the name of politic, and we respond it in the name of god. Now, I appreciate him that he is responsible on his words. However, some Indonesian people think that this is not fair, he must be forgiven. They say, in the name of NKRI. Islam and NKRI have close relationship. How do they dare to say it?

In addition, in muslim country, other religions are free to build their place to pray. the biggest temple in Asian is in Indonesia (Medan). However, for muslims who live in other country such as in America, some of muslims are killed because they use hijab or because their religion.

The point is, I am so proud to be a muslim. I may feel sad, when people or my non-muslims friends become angry to muslim just because we are the majority, they say bad things, etc.

I believe that this land has the owner, Allah. the owner of the earth. all of the land that we live is Allah's creation. So, for people who are so mad to ban us to come because of our religion. I would hope they will open their heart to see what is right and what is wrong. I hope there will be peace in their heart. for people who are live in a country which has muslims as majority, I hope they can live in harmony. we never force you to be a muslim, why do you so afraid? through this time, you have a peaceful life when live in Indonesia, right? since 1945 until now... do muslim did something to people because of their religion? THINK AGAIN

However, I will not hope anything for them to know about Islam, so they will know what we feel. absolutely no. I will use this as my own reflection, to understand the situation in my own community, in my home community, my friends and people around me. I am on fire to be a good leader, I am on fire to be a good person, I am on fire to be smart person,  I am on fire to use my time to good thing and avoid things that waste my time. I will educate myself to be talented. Learn how to describe a thing clearly, to give my own understanding. Of course, not to debate any one. I want to be a good muslim, I want to share the messages to other people, I want to create a better world, to spread kindness.



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