Fasting wake me up

Hi, today is 6.26. Yuhuuu.. I can beat my sleepy. I think it is because I have a good sleep today. I always feel good to awake when I read before sleep. Not playing with my smartphone until midnight. I know this is just the beginning. I must train myself to do this every single day. Yes, I say it clearly every single day. Furthermore, I wake up at 5 am Today. sipirilii

Because I fast, my housemate, mba tiwi wake me up. I am so grateful. I always turn on the alarm but never wake up. I have no idea why.

Now, I will write the "mourning Journal"

Dear Fajr,

Today, I catch you again, we meet up again.
Sometimes, I go back to sleep but not today
I have so many things in my mind
Especially about my task and things to do
The list is never end
But I am so grateful and thankful for the work that I have
I can be active and doing things start from the morning and finish my task
Even though, there is nothing called perfect
However, I believe that I always do my best. I am proud of me
You know what, sometimes, this life is so great
Sometimes it is so tricky
But, I enjoy it so much
I am so thankful that I can study, continue my study to a higher education
I believe that this is the best thing ever that could be happen in my life

From Horizon's bestfriend


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