Effort to wake up in the morning #1

Okay, here we go. I am struggling to wake up in the morning even when I write this article. I just want to give you a simple way to wake up early. I hope you and I can wake up early and be productive.

I know the most important thing before you want to wake up early is ask yourselves what is the important of waking up early. Once, I wake up early but I just lie on the bad and waste my time with doing nothing. It is okay to have "nothing time" however I feel not energic, I mean I just feel so weak and want to be lazy. I do not have motivation and that is what make it a big problem. so, ask yourselves:

Why do you want to wake up in the morning?

What will you do when you wake up

After you have a strong reason, I mean a logic answer to fight your comfort zone in the morning and make you wake up early here what you can do. "Develop a habit before sleep"

Wake up early in the morning does not mean that you are awake early and you done it just like that. It is also about having a good sleep. Enough sleep for your health and good quality of your sleep. So, you must prepare yourself. Reflecting from my experience, I feel addict to see my smartphone, watch youtube and entertain myself forever! I mean until midnight and my head dizzy to sleep. so I try to change that habit to read a book. Book that I love. to do something that I would love to do through the day. I change the time to read, I am being strict on it. I will not read the book in the day so my chance to read just in the morning. So, It works. reading before sleep at night is the time that I always waiting for. I can go somewhere to different world to the novel and entertain myself.

It is one of healthy life. However, I still do not wake up in the morning.
But here is what I want to share. When I wake up, I feel so energize and ready to start my day. It is better than I wake up and keep continue to see my smartphone. I just spend my day to "this pleasure" and end up with realizing "oh my, what time is it?"

Now, I do not care what time I am awake. As long as I need enough sleep I will wake up and start my day. but, hey.. this is not forever. my journey is still long to go. I think develop a habit before sleep will help me to think about how to use my time effectively and being happy in the morning. So, you can too. I will tell you the next step when I have another strategy to make us wake up early in the morning.

2 May 2017, Melbourne


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