Do it Today

Hi everyone, I would like to share with you about one thing. "Do what you can do today"
This is one of the strategy to done your task in time and faster.
First of all, Sometime, because we always addicted with the entertainment we want something instant. For instance, food, we want something fast such as junk food, noodles, cooking for one or two hours seems like mission impossible for us. Otherwise, we spend our time two or three times a day watching television, movie or playing with our smartphone.

For this reason, we become too much with the entertainment and just wanting something that pleasure us. we delay something that is important, not that hard but important. we delay it. Finally, we doing something in a day, we become overwhelmed of a bunch of the to do list.

So, to beat it. we must train ourselves to do something today. start it from now, start from the most important thing first. if we can do three thing that really important first. hopefully, in the future, we can understand about what is really matter for us rather than doing something that just give pleasure to us.

As muslim, we have no free time. we must use our limited time for Akhirah. This also train us to do what is really matter first. the most important thing above of our important task in dunya. So, we train ourselves everyday.

I can can not deny that I am addicted with social media and youtube or other video that entertain me. However, the intensity is getting better than before. the more I train myself, the more I just choose what is really matter for me. Remember, the great things do take times. So, let's train ourselves regardless we excellent or not. Just keep moving until we achieved what we want. Now, I am getting better. If it is just more than 40 minutes, my head become dizzy and I am go back to my important task. If I do not know, I find out it by myself. I write one by one what the list to do that I need to accomplished.

I hope this can help you to beat the addiction. Do the first thing first. Train yourself.

I believe that the process will never deny our result. So, focus on the process.

Keep positive everyone :)

ou yea, I have one thing in my mind about. I will continue it a little bit. I just thinking about how people who do not understand about the significant of focusing on their life and be proactive to their life, be responsible on their action to their life. I hope we can be one of the group that spending their time wisely and get success in this dunya and akhira. Amin :)


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