Be kind and Benefits others

Jabir reported Rasulullah SAW said, "The best people are those who are most beneficial to people (HR. Thabrani and Daruquthni).

I always think about this ayah, how to be a muslim can teach us about productivity, how to be a muslim who balance dunya and akhirat, how to be kind to other, to family, neighbour, and social life. One thing that is quite hard for me, but I am still learning.

To be a muslim, you need a process. process to wake up early in the morning every day to pray fajr, process to be kind and make good du'a to others, wish other people happy regardless you know them or not. Also, be on time to pray salah five time a day trains me to be discipline. It is so confusing actually, why I keep delaying time to pray but I will always try my best to pray as soon as I hear adzan and even prepare myself, take wudhu 1 minute before pray time. It is still need process though, I am working on it.

Secondly, when we doing something to other people, it makes us happy, isn't? when you help your mother, or when you get the smile or thankyou from other people. However, as a muslim. we do not need thank from other people because we do it because of Allah, At-Rahman, al-'alim. So, even though other people that we help are not giving us thanks we still being happy. If they give us smile, we give them smile too. isn't beautiful?

It will improve our happiness, decrease depression and makes us as a good person. we are more friendly and kind to other people. To be honest, I have no legacy to make a research about this hadist however, In my logic it is very make a sense.

In addition, it stimulates me to be the best people. Thus, help each other or being beneficial to people will give us good thing. Just like the law of attraction, good thing will attract the good things too. good action will attract more good action to us.

I think theoretically it is easy to say, easy to write. How about the reality? I am still learning. I hope I can be automatically ready to be beneficial to other people at any time. I know it needs process, but I will try my best every single day.

One more thing, I am so grateful today. I have no idea what make me being so happy but I feel so content today. Alhamdulillah.. I hope your life is great too


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