Be grateful

Be grateful and Allah will give you more, but if you not.. then the azab from Allah is so painful.
Truly.. this is what is happening to me right now, but I just want to be thankful to Allah and keep positive on every decision that Allah has made to me.

I would say, I am so thankful to get this.. but blah blah blah....
This is one of the statement from myself. To be honest, before I said this, I have said that I am so grateful and I just want to accept it and see it as a possibility. But times really test me, I would say that I can not bear it anymore, I need to talk to somebody and what I got is a message that saying there is a possibility that it might be cancelled.

I would say to myself, is this what the ayah said? I feel embarrassing. I have no complain anymore. I would say. For this issue, I just want to accept anything. Would say, no. it is literally my fault, it is me who actually can make a change but I just be passive and make my own in life in a problem. I just want to receive the result of my own decision. Something, you will get something good, something is not. However, I just want to be grateful on everything that I have right now. Be grateful and see everything as an oppourtunity.

second thing is.. To be patient
This is something that is really really test me. every one has their own limitation to be patient. But, in that limitation Allah test us, wheather we can pass the test with sabr or just let ourselves loose with it. So, here is the thing. keep with Allah.. and be someone who can overcome any situation. It may be difficult, it may be in believable, it may be hard but stay with Allah. Allah is the most forgiveful, Allah will give us the way out. Do not lose hope.

Secondly, be grateful on everything that has happen. If you can not believe in yourselves, then there is nothing can do it for you. Your mother may believe in you, so prove it that she is right. Do it for people that you love. Be grateful on everything that you have.. :)

Keep Positive Everyone :)


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