Asking Your Opinion

Hi everyone,
Thank you for reading my Blog. I love so much when I see someone read my blog and there is number in my view. through this year, I have started this blog since May 2010 and now 2017. After 7 years, I have 2281 viewers from all over the world such as Australia, Indonesia, United states, Malaysia, Russia, German, Ukraine, China, France. From all of it, the top three is my beloved country, Indonesia, followed by United States and France. I am so Thankful that you follow my blog.

Now, to continue to the 8 years of my blog. I always try something new such as new challenges, morning routine tips and everything about morning routine.

I need your opinion to give me some ideas about what I need to share with you every week. I write almost everyday. Now, I want to have a different session for my weekly writing.

Let's make it real
Please give your comment below and I will write it for the next week writing, Insya Allah..

Keep positive everyone :)


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