3 Days Morning Routine Challenges

Hi every, today I would like to challenge you to write in above about your morning routine. there is only one role for this, do not write what time do you wake up. Now, we wants to build our healthy morning routine, such as jogging or running, cooking a healthy food or read book.

Let me share my morning routine today. I wake up and go to the bathroom. It is not that cold today, it is only about 12 or 15 C today. Then, I just go to the bath up and take a bath with cold water. I wash my face, brush my teeth and use lotion. Then, after choosing a stylish cloth with a winter hat, I go to the kitchen and cook pancake. Because I can not eat dairy product such as milk, eggs, then.. I did not use eggs, but still.. I use milk because I want to make it soft and lovely for my throat. so, here we go.
I put flour in a bowl, then pour the milk slowly while mix it. Then, I put a punch of salt, sugar and baking power. I use creamy spray and red grapes. However, I would recommend not to put grapes with something sweet such as cream or mayonnaise. I think it is getting sour. I put honey on the top of the pancake. Yumm....

Then, I just go to my room, clean up my bed, make some project for my life.. including make this 3 days challenge and start my work.

Okay ..
This is my Morning routine, how about yours?


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