Who you are ? (people and your perseption about you)

Today, I have a great experience that I want to share with you. Maybe, for some people, this is not happening in their life. I know it. Sometimes, I do not understand why this is always happening in my life. I have two hypothesis. First, because I always do the same thing, the same mistakes, same behaviour. Second, because you do not know how to do it. However, even though have the second reason, that is okay. you can learn be a better person next year.

I imagine my self having a very good character. Smart, beautiful, care with other people, genius, intelligent, religious, strong. Okay, am I too far? (haha...) It seems like I am too ambitious with myself. above of all, I love my self, the way I am. One of the character that I want to emphasis is being strong. As I have told you in my previous article about types of strong people. Now, I have a new definition. This is not the fifth type, but after you have all of it, you will get stronger. Then, just like stairs, you will get some new formula to get stronger than before. The new definition of strong is when you can make decision based on your own need in society.

Okay, let me tell you about this first. In this world, we have different characteristics right? Even, Allah creates us with different colour, different eyes, different faces, special fingerprint, different languages and different mindset. It set up by our experience, ability, skills, people around us, people's mindset around us and the most important, how we think.

Sometimes, I am so doubt with my own decision. It is really easy for me to change my mind when I listen to other people. Because I always try to understand other people. Sometimes, I say A. Then, B explain then I think B is right, A is right. So, when A say sometimes I agree and B too. The problem is, when we face the opposite things between A and B. It becomes problem. How do I put my position? both of them right, it just different perspective. However, because it also relates to me. I also need to take a position. then, the question is who am I?

I ask that question because I easily can change my mind. It is not a bad thing. It means that I can understand about others' position and not arguing other and say that I am right and you are wrong. That's It. I am right and you are wrong.

I hate that words because I believe that everyone have the right to express themselves even though it is the opposite of our believe.

The mistakes, is not in them. However, how they receive the information. Maybe, the information that they have is mistaken so that they say B. Then, I say it right right away because I also have no idea about the information that they have.

okay. it sounds complicated right? I can not describe it clearly here. I am afraid to hurt someone. However, I hope you who confuse and always feel doubt about your self. which is my self. Listen to me.

You are awesome, you did great!
You just need to know that the experience that you have is only for you
to make you stronger than before
to make you more confidence
to make you believe in yourself
to make you happy with what you are doing even though are people are not doing it.

Hey, I have watch beauty and the beast. Well, I like the movie, but actually I do not like some of their concept though.
However, I have learned something the belle's father said
"This is the small village, with small mindset"
in outside of our world, there must be one that suitable with you
I truly like this scene.
So, basically the belle loves reading but in that era, girls are not allowed to be educated
Then, she meets a prince that have a lot of books in his palace
well, I do not say that you must find the prince because of people around you XD
I am trying to say that,
if you like to do something
and you believe that this is the right things to do
Then, do it confidently

because the world has something that only you have (Mario Forleo)



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