Up and Down Motivation

I hope I can find Motivation Manifesto book by Brendon Buchard. I have seen his video and I hope I can find one in library. Yes, I need to read it one.

okay, let's talk about motivation. sometimes, we feel so motivated, then the other day we feel unmotivated. what is the different? first of all. we must consider that Allah who gives us strength and the only one can take it from us. So, let's make a good intention. Ask motivation to Allah, so we can get closer to him, not to make us far away from him.

Second thing, I want to use this fact that was happening in my life so that we can find the hidden problems and tackle it right away.
One day, I felt so motivated in the morning. I wrote some agenda from morning till night. I did not do all of the schedule on time. Even, I end up with doing nothing and time just flies by
The other day, I felt so motivated in the morning. I wrote some agenda from morning till night. I did all of it, make another productive things and ends up with finishing so many task in one day.
Lets say that my first day, there may be no barakah in it.
In second day, there is barakah. That's why when I realize that my day is so blessing. I believe there is barakah in it.
the second hypothesis is I lose my motivation. that's could be one of the impact of loosing barakah.

I have no idea, I just do not want to learn something. I know I have deadline. for a small task but I believe that it is so important. Then, I do it in the last minute. what do you think? well, I suppose to do it a day before the deadline.

Let me think again, I have no motivation, have no intention to do it. However, when I am in my last minute. I just can do it for no reason. My brain works!

That's maybe for a reason. why. Sometimes, When I am working on it I ask my self a question "What I feel right now?" "How is it feel being able to finish it?" I just think that that's so awesome.. I think I can do this many times. Next time, I will finish my next assignment and bring this feeling. Can I? I have no idea. Let's make a small decision in my life and see what's the difference and how is it change my life.

As muslim, we have 5 times pray. I always try to be ontime on doing it for any reason. I do not care how important the task is. Also, How lazy I am. when I busy, the problems that I face is I can not leave it because it is important so I can delay it. However, when I am free, the problems that I meet is I will delay it for 5 minutes again. Both of busy times or free times. I always have a reason to delay something. So, I decide to change my life and train myself everyday. 5 times a day and even more. Especially to love what I do. To be happy not to having fun. To consider myself as priority compare with my laziness and temporary pleasure that I love so much. procrastination that disturb me. Let's embrace yourself, my self. there is called no motivation. we are the source of motivation. Allah has given it to us. we just sometimes kill it with procrastination, delay a task until we do it carelessly. So, let's change it. make us live, make our motivation live. avoid the procrastination, do something on time and doing the task seriously and when it finish do the other task genuinely. Let's be happy not having fun!!


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