Time Manager (book's overview)

I would like to make an overview of a book called the new time manager by Angela V Woodhhull(1997). At first time, I interested with this book because it is related to my assignments. However, I feel that this book is so interesting so I read all of the words in this book and here is the summary for you.

This book describes about how you cope with your employee, how to make a shortcut, build your relationship and improve the others person's performance. First, a clear communication will help you to make the work more efficient. in the first chapter, Woodhull states about the significant of making a clear instruction. When someone understand the order clearly they can work on it and finish the work on time. For instance, you can say "Please, make a three pizza and one orang juice for our lunch". It is better than saying "Please, prepare our lunch". In workplace, sometimes a manager do not say what they want clearly and always give the pragmatics order to the other people, hoping people would know what they like or dislike. Then, the employee may make a noodles and tea. without knowing that you can not eat noodles or spicy food and you do not like tea for your lunch. Here is the main point, from this simple scene you can see how the clear instruction will make your day more lovely, without any compliment and you get what you want. In addition, in another explanation he talk about how the chitchat can build a good relationship and it can make more efficient time for you to have a productive worker. I'll give you another illustration.

A: Hi, how is it going?
B: Yes, so far so good.
A: I heard that you have football competition yesterday, how was that?
B: Yeah, not so good but we have a good teamwork
A: Well, it sounds good. oh yeah, how about the report that I have given to you?
B: I am still working on it. It is a little bit stuck in making the first line
A: okay, I know it must be not easy for the first time. By the way, I am on my desk from 9 to 5, you can come anytime you need my help.
B: alright, I'll do my best. I'll finish it next week

From this short conversation A as the leader get some advantages. First, she builds her relationship to her partner. Second, she can get the answer or knowing the progress of her partner's work and lastly, she can get the trust from her employee. Three things at the same time. This how communication can give a brilliant impact to our live. Let me show you one more illustration

A: Hi, B. How about the report that I have given to you?
B:Yes, good. I am still working on it
A: Okay, I am hoping you can finish it on time, please give me the result next week
B: Ok, sure

Okay. sometimes, we are doing this to other people, we think that chitchat is not important. In addition, we say what we want directly without any effort to make a good relationship to other people. When we have this leader, how we feel? even, not only for a leader. When we have a friend that always talk about work or assignment every time we meet them, what we feel? it is not joyful and even we seems like want to avoid to talk to them right?. Here is what they talking about. Making a good communication can give a significant impact to our work, make time more efficient and finally we can save more time to complaining, misunderstanding, etc.

There are so many things that is written in this book such as balance time between work and have fun then about listening such as give responds, ask question, make body language such as smiling, nodding, repeat what the speaker's say and avoid B-10s which is ten bombs such as lecturing. Also, give constructive feedback to people. Do not critize people in front of their peers or people, give a comment that can benefits for them and make sure what you are saying will make people do better in their next trial, not just critize them for no reason or just think about your negative comment to them. Make sure that what you are saying will be beneficial to other people. I think this is really important to be understood for teachers because unconsciously we make our students are not comfortable to make mistake because we always recognize and comment on it. we must always help them to learn, build their confidence and improve themselves in every meeting or class that we have to them.

I also think that being grateful for the oppourtunity that has given to us such as lecturing them or being their teacher is must be recognized. So that, we can be more respect to other people and give others chance to embrace themselves.

While studying in here, I also think that there are so many things that I have learned, especially communication and listening. It is different between hearing and listening. When we listen to someone, we pay attention to what they say, understand their meaning and even try to respond it. However, to hear something it can be not understand what they say, we may hear sounds but it just a noise because we do not give our attention to it.


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