Today, I have a seminar from supermentor, it really blows my mind. I am so grateful that I am sit in there and watching them, burn my motivation and see things that complete different, stretch my self and make me take an action.

I would like to conclude it into three point and relate it to my own perception. First, I must surround my self with positive people, people who encourage each others, and of course it also should start from me. I also must be a positive person to people around me. Just like in a team work, you must know your role. Don't be just silent and watch your own team fail. You must realize your responsibility. It relates to leadership too. So, be positive and you will get a positive energy every day in your life, what a beauty. I will add one more, when you think positive it seems like you collect a pearl or diamond around you, you let the diamond in your pocket of mind. However, when you think negative, when you see a chicken you say it too salty, too spicy and you let your negative mind surround you. it seems like you collect the rubbish. So, be a positive person, be positive to people around you and yourself!

Secondly, burn you passion, do not reach money, power because it will drive you to be greedy. You must be able to do something because you love it, you must do something that make you move. You must do something that matters for you! So, be the best version of yourself. Always do something that you think is the right thing for you, follow your intuition. Your intuition is not telling you loudly, sometimes, it just a whisper. You must pay your intention to it.

The last, well. You must have self-believe. To my knowledge, the self-belief is built when we pray for fajr. we fight that we want to do it and we just want to sleep. However, we always know that praying is important. so, our action to pray is a self believe to ourselves, weather we are strong enough to believe in ourselves that praying is important and we do what we believe, or our believe is weak enough and it makes us keep on the bed. so, wake up and practice your self-believe. I really want to do this, you know to share my own writing in my own facebook account and Instagram. However, I do not know am I confident enough to do this. I hope I will start to do it next month.

Okay than.. overall the supermentor is very good. They are motivational people and I like it so much :)


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