Source of Light will always find a dark spot

In times, I always think about gathering myself with people who encourage me rather than thinking that their life is so perfect and come towards them. To get label as a star. A start does not need another star. It just need a dark spot.

That's why when your life seems like too dark, when you are looking for a light. remember that the light is you. You just need to light yourself. Be shiny in every situation that you have.

Thus, it does not mean that when there is a light you are not a star anymore because you are not shiny. we are just human who need to learn and expand ourselves with other thing besides us. we can be happy around the light, even though we are not shiny but we can learn from the sun how to be useful to earth, how the light can support life. Then, embrace yourselves with kindness, embrace yourselves with positivity.

Be yourselves
Be Grateful


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