Rhododendron Mountain

Alhamdulillah, today is so great day. I am so grateful and today I'll share my experience go to mount rhododendron today.

We have planned to find autumn leaves, me and mba Indah finally decided to go there. At 10 we start our journey from Oakleigh station to Richmond. Then, we move to another train to Belgrave. However, we need to wait 14 minutes. So, we just talk and eat some food that we have brought. This also kind of picnic, so we bring our own lunch. Then, the train comes and brings us to Belgrave. It takes an hour to arrive in that place. Then, we take the bus to ridge road by 694 towards Mt. Rhododendron. Finally, we arrive in ridge road bus stop and continue walking for 30 minutes. However, the google maps a little bit confusing. We just go around, and find that the gate is not the main entrance. we meet a couple with their dogs and ask them. they park their car in front of the gate and we just ask them. They tell us the main entrance. It is quite far and we must go to up to the hill. I just stare at them, give smile and say goodbye. "Oh, my..."

However, I really love the view. Even though, the leaves are green but I love the view and we just walk. a little bit rain, but I am glad I can borrow mba indah's umbrella. We sing a song, talk and tired because it seems like no sign that we arrive. fortunately, we find the main entrance after walking and going no where.

It is 1.30 pm, so we eat our lunch, pray dzhuhur and read the map. we decide to find the autumn leaves and walk around. First destination is lake, then cherry tree, and Scenic something.. I do not remember. What I know is we just walking and enjoying the view. talking with some smokes coming out from our mouth.

It is so good and I love it. Give me a good healing and more spirits. I hope I can go back to this mountain next month. It is not so far, just 2 hours from where I live. So, I am so grateful that the facilities and transporation in Melbourne is so good. Especially for tap water. I can find it in the park easily. Also, the footpath is everywhere. It is good for us who use the public transportation.

Then, we decide to drink coffee in somewhere. we choose in city, but we also hungry. So, we eat in Omak restaurant and eat Soto mie. She eats Iga bakar.. Hmm.. it is so tasty and We end it up with a very good dinner.

Alhamdulillah.. I have this experience. Thankyou to Allah that has written this beautiful story for me. I am so lucky and love this moment.

Melbourne, 28 April 2017


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