Praise what you have, be grateful and appreciate what you have decided

This life is so unexpected. I have no idea, there is no formula to anything. There is no rule for the same thing. I am so confuse, or maybe because I always do the same thing. I doubt

I realize how powerful it is to be grateful. Sometimes, I realize that what other's decision is better than mine. negative thought such as "Why I choose it?" or "I should do this", "I have no idea what I am doing". Though, others will say the same thing as we are. So, if that is not us who say "It is alright, it is gonna be great" then, no one will.

I am so afraid and full of fear every single day. It seems like I need someone to say "That's okay icha, this is the right decision. you are doing good". THat's enough for me. However, who will say it everyday? what I am expected? praise from others? That I always doing great? what is it for?
if that can improve my confidence, I am the only one who should change my words, see it from different perspective.

I know that blaming my self is not the right answer, though.. the compliment from other people is not the right thing. I must believe in my self. I am the one who decide it. If I make a mistake, then admit it. Fix it. If I am so afraid of making a mistake, then ask to Allah who know your future. Aslk for guidance, believe that Allah is listening to you. Then, be tawakkul. So, you can live your life today. Do not let your negative thought and fear, ruin your day. Embrace yourself!

Okay, this is not the first time that is happening to me. From my previous experience, I just fix and being responsible on my decision. Everything is alright and I am fine. I realize that before I know it is fine, I am so afraid and can not sleep. Now, this is a lesson for me. let it be and trust in Allah. Allah is always want the best for you. Also, you must do your best to prove Allah that you will try your best too. You want to change to be better, you want to be stronger, you want to be as what you want, you want to be a good person. Then, do your best and every intention for what you are doing must be because of Allah. Then, Allah is enough for you. Allah is enough as the witness for your intention and what you are doing.

Though, All of us only have life once. Fill it with happiness, hope, positive thinking and be excited on every challenge that is coming towards you. If you know that is wrong, then, find a way to make it right. If you know what you are doing is right, be grateful.

You must start it from appreciate on what you have decided. You must respect youself in the past and do your best in the future. Life is keep moving, so do your best.

Also, stay hanif. I know that everything is not under your control. However, you must keep the most important value in your life. Even though it is hard and other people would say how not intelligent it is, as long as you have kindness, you do not need a logical reason. have courage, be kind, keep your honesty, integrity, and you will be success in your life. At least, for your own definition of success. Be yourself! The best version of yourslef


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