Plan and Idea

I do like to make an idea, make a new project from my self to improve my quality of life. Now, I realize that it motivates me to be discipline. I always innovate my ideas.

So, I'll tell you my first project. It is called co-project. you can see in the link on the top called co-project. It run for three weeks and I proud of myself. Now, I have a new project and I did it. I know that because of my new project, my last project can not be done as what I expected but I change it.
The co-project is to improve my communication skill, I write everyday on my blog about an idea and I describe it. I do it almost everyday. I know it seems like just a short writing, short paragraph. However, I think something change, I become more confident when I talk.

Thus, I change my project, I did not write every single day anymore, I will do the co-project at least three times a week. I innovate it.
Also, I have a new project. Write an article to mass media. I hope they will publish mine. Even though not, I can improve my writing skill and write again. I will never give up until I can be a good writer, the best writer who writes in mass media, publish my own book and finally attend seminars around the world, be invited in TEDx and talk in front of million people.

I know it just a dream, but I do love dreaming. I hope someday it can happen. what's next? okay. After my second project done. Which I sent my writing after three days writing and editing. I finally done it and my second project is accomplished.

This is my next project, I have some of them actually. I have not decide which one that I want to start. Learn Arabic, write a book, also summary to my own reading. I know that I do not to do all of them at the same time. at least, when I set a project, I make one thing that I want to achieve. I have goals and once I finish it, I can move to another project. Now, I have some projects that may be can be done in different times. However, I do not want to overwhelmed with projects. The most significant thing in conducting a project is I feel happy and become better every day. I must set a small goals for each of it and improve it.

Should I write in here? okay, why not.
I will learn the Arabic through Qur'an. First, I will remember surah Yusuf and also understand the meaning. One page a day may be not easy. So, 5 ayah a day. Then, from 110 ayah, divide 5, 20 days. Okay. It is exactly will be finished until May. 5 ayah a a day and start from the surah that I do not remember. Then, to help me remember it. I must listen to the reciter, to help me remember it. until the end of the april. Every day, in the morning or before night.

Second, I will write a book. I will start from writing the draft and chapters that I want to write. The concept and ideas. I can write it on paper and let me in the future continue it. After I finish my semester or when I have mood to write. I will start on april, may, june and finish it on july. four month. on April writing the draft, and June I'll write it consistently and on july I'll make editing and at the end of june, I'll send it to the publisher. well, This is my first time write a novel in English. I know that this is a crazy idea. However, I have a big dream so let's make it !

Third, I want to summary my own reading. well, this is to improve my communication skill and understanding. I must write the things that what I want to know about this article. First, I'll understand the title, then read the first paragraph and summary, scan and skim it. Then, I'll answer the question "What I want to understand in this article". Then, I read it full paraghraph and then write without seeing the article again. I believe that this method can help me to understand about an article regardless the complexity of the essay.

Okay, I hope this writing is useful for you. The most important thing is you must create Idea and do it. Then, never stop creating, you must innovate the idea that you have. So, you can move forward and keep moving. In this way, it can teach you that this live is moving, when you move, you will see the beauty in it. I know that it is really lovely to stay in comfort zone. But, in this life, we must keep moving, just like our body that always grow and the nature that become older and older. keep growing!


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