Learn From Mistake

Okay, first of all I would like to give you one unbelievable story. Masya Allah, I can not believe it! I found tere liye book in this library!! it is so blessing.. Alhamdulillah... I do not know what to say, I just really want this book. I love this book. Okay, Qur'an is the first of course. I will not too over to talk about it. It seems like I have found something great, It is extremely amazing. I love it so much.

Thank you Allah, I know that today is happen for a reason. You send my path and I sit exactly in this place. Even, I have no idea where is this. I just want to find a good place for my place. I did it.

Allah... I believe that your plan for me extremely amazing. I have a great plan but your plan is greater than mine. So, I will be grateful no matter what. I really feel that everything that is coming to me is so amazing. I am so afraid, my self is full of fear but without I realize it, I know that you strengthen me. You surround me with good people, so I have a good decision until now. You guide me and give me a good place so that I do not have any pressure to do anything wrong. Also, you give me faith not to follow wrong path. Ya rabb, help me until the end of my life. I may asking you every single day, asking and asking. However, I have no any one to help but you, I know that Allah is the most powerful so I will always ask and come to you for help Allah.

Allah, thank you for giving me all of this. It seems like you give me another life. Thank you so much. Please lead me to a better place, better life. Alhamdulillah ya rabb, I hope I can use this to embrace my self and improve my motivation. Do not let this make me forget about your Qur'an, I hope I can get rid of music from my head, and change it into a good and positive activity. Also, improve myself to come to walk in your path. Amin.

Thank you Allah.

One more thing that I want to talk about is "learn from mistake"
I truly have no complaint for the life that I have. I just want to say something that when you want to decide something important. You must find a way, find information about it. Do not be afraid to say no to something that sounds really interesting for you. You know that if you do not make Allah as your priority, then you will regret it. I know that you do not want to go to japan or korea because you truly want to see the world. However, there is a better chance if you want to find out it, to find something that really fit you. Then, Allah will give you something better, and make your way easy for you.

That is okay. We may feel like this is a trap, you want to cancel it however, you have no any chance. I believe that you have prayed to Allah, ask for guidance and because you just want to follow your instinct, not to find the way out, also you just do it at the end of the time. Then, you end up with fear and living with regretful. Now, let's be grateful and think positive to Allah. As I said that Allah have greater plan than yours, Allah want the best for your, Trust in Allah. Also, you must learn from your mistake. Maybe, this is to teach you to be more active, to think more clearly and to have faith in Allah better than before.



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