Early Hours

How cold is autumn? I feel freezing right now. Ok. I am in Melbourne, everything could happen in here. #Freeze

How cold is the cold? it is 6.43 am and I am ready to start my day. I am a little bit afraid with my fear but I believe that Allah is with me. where is the positivity? I need you right now. we are given sight, heart and mind. can I use it to embrace good things around me. I will surround myself with just a good thing. Even though sometimes life gave us beauty and ugliness, love and hate, yin and yang, black and white, dark and light. Can I choose to surround my with beauty, love, and happiness only? or are they do not exist without the other?

there is no beauty if you do not know what being ugly means. If all of people in the world are beauty, or they have the same beauty, if our face just like a box with the same eyes, the same hair. does ugly exist?

there is no light if you do not know what the darkness is. you can only see the stars when there it is dark, we no the starts is shiny, the sun too. when they meet each other, we will never know the stars exist. though you will not know darkness or light if there is no sun nor darkness in galaxy.

they need each other. so, why do we afraid so much? why do we so greedy with happiness. instead, we are afraid to being hurt all the time. hope happiness is always with us. It could be, we can maintain our mind, control our feeling to be grateful all the same. though, we can also be grateful  when we feel anxious. Because, by feeling emotions, we are alive. we learn to know the opposite feeling, we learn to know and appreciate love around us.

so why do we waste our time chasing for happiness? If we may must be patient and wait until darkness is gone to get lightness again?

Why do not we want to sleep for a while, restart ourselves and be patient with darkness around us. Though, we can feel good in the morning. With new energy, with positivity and with a new day again. why do we waste our time all the night, blaming on darkness and force the sun to come. why do not we just be patient and restart ourselves. we must know, that we must close our eyes, to see another day again. we must lied our body, we must be relax to get sleep. take away everything in our hand, take away all of activity that impress us. take away our smartphone that entertain us. Give ourselves time to pass the night with a good sleep, with a good dream. So, the next day we can start our day with positivity, with new energy. To feel more blessings come to us.

So, just relax. you will be fine. pass it on. just walk and move forward. Even when surround you are darkness. just relax and the sun shine will come soon. You will feel great again.

-Early Hours-


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