Being Doubt? Leave it to Allah

Hi everyone,
Today.. I would like to talk about being doubt, and nothing can lead our way except Allah. Because he the only one who know what to do, what's next and things that we do not know.

I think having a doubt is a blessing. That is the best time to get closer to Allah. So, the topic for today is how to make a decision when you feel so doubt. There is words from Rasulullah SAW:

“Leave what you have doubt about for that you have no doubt about; for it is truth that brings peace of mind and it is falsehood that brings doubt”. ( Ahmad, Tirmidhi, Nasa’i ) *Source

However, I am talking about taking two decisions right now. How if we doubt to choose which one to do?

okay, First.. this is one of the chapter of Quran but I believe that this is always true because It happens to me. I am never disappointed when I pray to Allah. When you make du'a, Allah will always give the best for you, give you the best experience for you. The key is, you must believe in it. You must believe that it will happen to you. So, when you doubt, make du'a and ask Allah. Then, be tawakkal and do the best as you can.

Second, Pray istikhara.
wait, it seems like I do not know which kind of doubt that I have. okay, lets move on though
okay, Istrikhara is two rakaat praying, the thing is you ask guidance from Allah between two things that is matter for you. You pray for that purpose. Allah will guide you insyaAllah trough ways that you do not know.

So, be bold. Take action and be stronger :) Yes, you can do it!


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