Your beautiful Life starts here

Today, I have a weekly activity with my friends. actually, I have no idea about what I need to do. I keep writing schedule over and over again. I am not afraid of anything. I think that is really easy. However, how I face this is must be questioned.

I want to show you about my learning activity. I know that you must think that everything seemed like really hard for your. but I do like it because it seems like you are trying to adapt. It is better, because your are starting to get adapted with this environment. I do really love it.

Secondly, I know it is so embarrassing. However, I want you to start everything and keep doing it. I do really care about your health. I want you to be someone who has a lot of ideas and doing your best. Hey, this is the start. Let's do your best so that you can keep running. You can do it
Allah will write the best moment in your life. wake Up!


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