Overcoming the fear #Talk Edition

Yes, it is me. I am still afraid to talk in the class, when the teacher asks the students. I am so eager to talk but afraid to make mistake at the same time.

Well, I know some theories that a good learner is active learner in the class, have curiosity. I always get a new ideas when I hear my friends' opinion, but for me. It needs courage to talk. I also know that it is not the time to show up but the classroom is a great opportunity to communicate and think about the topic. It helps us understand something and more knowledgeable.

There is a notion that describing about this fear. imagine that being afraid to ask question is a poison and when you ask question to the teacher you swollen vitamins. every time, you are in the class, if you do not take the vitamins, you will swallow the poison. Then, poison will create who you are as well as the vitamins. So, do not take the poison and have courage to ask question. when you done with that, you are giving the right medicine for your selves. You conquer fear and make yourselves stronger. you must start if from now or it will getting worse. Start it from now because right now is the right time for you to learn something. you may make mistakes, but next year you will be the master.

sometimes, we have limitation but do not let it stop us. when we were young, we might not able to walk because we are weak. However, when we never take the step by step process we will never can be. when we were young, we might not communicate properly to other people, our words sounds strange, not perfect and our topic might be just about little things that may not important for adults. However, that is our process and it makes us who we are right now.

So, make something that make you proud of yourselves in the future. Be a hero for your future.

Let's learn something and be grateful for it


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