Once Upon A Time

One day, there is a little girl
who think that she is so ugly
other people would say that she has no beauty
then she receives it with tears
her world become so different
she thought there is no love for her because her face
she thought there is no future because no one would like her

Until one day
Allah brings her in a very high place
To see everything from above
she has no recognition of it
she just walks and asks for guidance

She is on the top
on the top of her beautiful shoe
in a beautiful place, in an extraordinary floor to dance and dance
she dances
then she is given happiness
she keeps moving and conscious of how blessing she is

She has future to be seen
in the darkness or even in bright moment
because she can see more than beauty
more than future
she has given
This moment
To be loved
to be enjoyed

Love your life
Love your day



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