More productive by 5 second rule

There is a book called 5 second rule by Mel Robbins. you can find it here. To be honest I have not read this book but I would like to share about you about productivity and the idea behind it.

I am falling in love with the concept of productivity, especially when we relate it to Islam. In here, I just want to give one idea about being productive. productive does not mean that you can do 5 or ten things in one day. So, if you can finish 2 of your assignment in one day and the next day you finish 3 of your assignment. you may call your first day not productive and the latter is more productive. it is not about that. productive means doing less. Make everything more simple and get done you important task. Yes, by doing your big stones in your jar. I know that you may think, that is not fun. however, you will feel more peaceful and more happy. So, what you should do?

First, you must the important task in the morning. Before you start your procrastination or your activity count to 5 and think about what's matter in your life today. 1,2,3,4,5 after deciding then do it immediately. no complain, no comment. Just do it
This is really related to salah. When the adzan is coming, you must immediately pray. stop your activity and take wudhu. This is practice ourselves to do something that really matter for us at the first place. We know that doing assignment is important, task from your boss is important. However, praying salah is the ultimate significant in our life. Then, we start to build our success in this point. we build our character to be accustomed something important first, then after it done we can continue to do another stuff.

I hope this can enlighten me, myself and you. Then, no more delay because success can not wait. Think before you do something, 1,2,3,4,5 and let's start your success!

if you want to know more about productivity in Islam you can click here to see more articles about it. I highly recommend this website


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