Lesson Plan (Week 4)

Today, I am learning about syllabus and curriculum. I really like the activity in the class. in first activity we are asked to write our name in a yellow paper. Then, we talk about anne-marie. She writes years, a name and "interaction" in a paper. Asks us to give her a question. The second activity, we are asked to make one group and discuss the difference between "curriculum and syllabus". Then, the other activity was called "big fish" or "hole fish" (I do not remember). so, she calls ten person to volunteer and stand up in circle. Then, the other students make a bigger circle around the smaller group. she gave us some topic to be discussed. Then, the other students in a bigger circle are played as observers that watching us and listen to what we discuss. we discuss and then they ask us some question about what we have discussed. the last activity, watched a movie.

I would like to summary about today's lesson. the curriculum is a wide range of framework in learning, which has many subjects and written by national government. while syllabus is a specific planning of one subject, written by teachers and based on the curriculum framework. the former is fixed and general while the latter is specific. the former is in micro level while the latter is in micro level.

I think making a lesson plan is really interesting. It is used to help teacher arrange an effective lesson, save time, more manageable (step by step), more structural and relate with the learning approach or specific outcome that they want to achieve.


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