Four types of strong people

I would like to talk about one the personality, that may be we have or we can develop in ourselves. "strength"

I have a lot of definition of strong people. Number one, strong people like people that are more powerful that other people in any aspects. I will take one, in academic. Let's call them intelligent people. I would say that intelligent person is not the one who show they are smart, genius but people who wants to listen to others, try to understand what others' said. People who can listen even though they disagree and try to understand the other one from different perspective. Someone who are not hurt people even though they are not disagree with the opponents. Even, they have a lot to say, but they decide not to hurt other people. They will listen and tell you softly. They are smart and sensitive. They know what to do and what to say, in the right time and the right way.

Number two, strong people are they who have skills and not selfish with themselves. I will give you one sample. a couch, will cherish us when we are weak, they will teach us the right way to do something. a couch, have a lot of techniques and he is the one who knows our weakness and want us to do better as well. But our opponents, in another team, they will always win from us. Because they may see us as a strong people and they may be weaker than us. the opponents, will not like us, being selfish with themselves because they won't lose from us. They need to be win, because they are weak. strong people do not need it because they know they are the winner, they are strong and they do not need it.

Number three, strong people are those who can give. They are not attached with what they have. They use it when they need and they will leave it when they have something to do, more important than things they have. their life. They are strong people because they can control what they have. I will not say that people who are not give something to other people are not strong. However, they are still learning to do it. maybe in small amount of money, then even to the things that they like. they can give it. Because they are strong. They know they do not need it. Strong people do not need anything to make them happy because they can do it themselves. They are the controller of their life, their happiness. they have it in themselves.

Lastly, type number four. Do you know what is the difference between professor and teacher?. Most of professors, they are kind and always listen to you. They give you good advice and after talk to them you get a lot of inspiration. However, Most of teachers, may be you found them really hard to approach, some of them are always angry at you, some of them maybe make you shy in front of the class. I do not underestimate the teachers, I am the teacher. but as well, I am still weak compared with the professor. I can not be kind to you maybe because I am afraid that you are better than me or you have question that I can not answered and it makes me like not knowledgeable. The teacher sometimes afraid when they make mistakes, so they are sensitive. It is easy for them to get angry. But for teachers that have more knowledge, more experience, more learning usually do not do that. They are more patient and more respect others. Even, if they do. They are not strong enough.

So, how about us? how strong we are. I am not strong enough. I am also still learning. For me, I still develop myself in type number three. My cellphone. maybe my smartphone is stronger than me because it has everything that can makes me happy, can give me video to make me not bored, give me a lot of entertainment and ideas. Sometimes, I realize that the idea is in me. I just need to listen to it and see it in myself. However, it is impossible when my eyes and my heart are not into me. I close the gate between me and myself because I put the barrier in it. I put my cellphone in front of my eyes so I can not see something in me anymore. I need to put it down and give my self time to think about what I want and what I need to do.

I am still in the process. I am still in my journey. I am on my way. I will be arrived soon when I can be a strong person, type one, two and three.

We are traveller, we travel time, get a lot of new experience every second that we have. It never be the same, it always new. The time in front of us will never come back and we always move forward. So, be a mindful traveller and move forward.

Finally, I want to say something that really important above all types of strong people. The last but not least. Strong people are they who can wake up early in the morning. Get out from their comfort zone, face their fear and start to build their life with courage and hope.

Keep positive everyone!


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