Don't be afraid to make mistake

Hello everyone,
Today I will give you full English article.
hmm, or maybe not article just like a small discussion that I want to share with you in this beautiful day.
So, I am kind a .. not perfectionist but always want the best for every performance that I have. it is not because it is me but because I realize that sometimes I do mistake and I want the best for my life. So, here we are

well, everytime I make a mistake and I realize how awful or stupid I am, I always try to accept it. I think I just need to learn from the experience. Understand my self, Write it down and analyse it. Maybe I can do something, Maybe I can make myself better or Maybe I need help.

So, I think again and say, why I have not fix this problem. It happens so many times, over and over again. How could not I fix it. However, I cheer myself up and let it pass through my time. let it be the past and let the gone by gone.

I don't know am I will publish this or not. I have no any confident.
I am always afraid to make mistake.

I think, Let me make the mistake right now and let it be my past in the future.
I want the best for myself, but sometimes I feel doubt
However, I need this as fuel to keep me burned
I will always do my best

I just wanna say it

keep positive everyone
have a beautiful and lovely day


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