Being Grateful is a call for happiness

Today, I feel grateful, thankful and Alhamdulillah... (Praise is to Allah)
I feel grateful for my soul
Thank you Allah, for giving me a generous soul
I am thankful for the story of my life that has written in Lauh Mahfuz
Thank you Allah, for allowing me to have this experience
I know to be a muslim is not easy
sometimes, I duel to my own heart
even doing a kindness is not easy
But thank you for letting my heart is always towards you
sometimes it is not
sometimes it is

In my bad or great times,
I feel you always with me
Thank you for letting me recognize it

Alhamdulillah, for always directing my heart towards you

I feel grateful
This soul is so amazing
and Allah sending me to this body
Thank you Allah

Maybe, I am not always grateful
sometimes, I want more, Look at the other people's life, hoping other to be feel bad like me
I am the imperfection
Sometimes, I hope bad like I hope good things to other people
I am not that kind
I am just human

Forgive me Allah
You has given a perfect life to me
You has given a great destiny for me
Thank you
Thank you so much


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