Be present, one thing at a time

Today, I have mindfulness class in Peninsula campus, Monash University. I have found something interesting. Productivity, mindfulness and being interested. I have told you about my definition in my previous writing. Being productive means that you are doing things efficiently and effectively. ok. I'll give an illustration.

"when you are in a lecture which is only 60 minutes and you find that the lecture is really interesting. You get something, you are mindful because you are paying attention to it. well, compared with the other lecture that 90 minutes but a little bit bored. what you feel? are you wasting your time? why do not you pay attention to?. Then, why do not you pay attention to the lecture? because it is bore and not interesting?. How to be interesting to it?. Maybe you can make a small research before the class so you can understand what the lecture talking about, so you are paying attention to the lecture. When you think that it is challenging, you think you are understand about one topic you give full attention to it. Yes, you are mindful at the class. obviously"

So, actually what make us mindful is when we pay attention to the moment. because we think that is interesting to us. So, times seem just goes by. when we love doing something, we are forget about times and suddenly it is already night!

So, when you are not interested on something, you must find a way. How to love it? maybe, you must learn more about it, you must make time to understand it, first. Also, maybe it will work for my assignment as well.


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