Be patient when you are weak

okay, I know I have deadline right now but I think I need to continue my co-project!

There is a time when you are weak, you have no power to do something, you have limitations and you are not in the right place. You must show that you are smart, powerful and full of idea but you have no idea how to do it. Then, the best solution for this situation is be patient.

Maybe you start it without good intention and Allah wants you to restate your intention. not to show up but to gain knowledge. not to be "Riya" but to share your idea. To restart it, you must be patient and stop for a while just to fix your intention. secondly, Allah wants you to feel it to learn something. experience and how we respond to it build our mindset, our character and make us who we are. sometimes, we need to understand small pieces of our life, to be empathy, to understand something deeply, not in general. the last but the most important part is to be consistent. when you are learning something, then suddenly make a mistake. learn from your mistake to master it. it is impossible for someone who has piano and want to play piano autodidact or by herself without any mistake. It is not to make you stop but to make you learn. so, Keep going

I think, all of us have weakness. sometimes, we realize that our weakness is the best way to learn something. to break our limits and being different from our previous one. of course, we have strength. when we combine our strength and "limitation breaks" (haha..) I mean when we have broken our limitation and combine it with our strength. it become who we are. we can understand more and we discover more in this world. That makes a new us. The best version of ourself. Breaks your limit. Be a better person everyday :)  


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