Be patient and Back to Allah

There is one ayah that I really like, surah Yusuf. I forget the ayah but it is when the Ya'qub asked his children to find Yusuf and his brother.

"la.. yaiasu mirrauhillahi. Innahu, Laa yayasu mirrauhillahi illa kauman kaafirun"

It means Do not lose hope of Allah. Loo! No one lose hope of Allah but people of kafiruun. It strongly described that never lose of Allah, muslims are never lose hope of Allah. Allah is arrahman, arrahim that always forgive our mistakes and guide us to the right place. Allah is our guidance in this dunya and akhira.

It reminds me every time I make a mistake, I ask Allah's forgiveness. Sometimes, when I do mistakes more than two times, I feel like how could Allah will forgive me? how if the next day I make the same mistakes again?. Then, from this ayah, I know something about Allah that Allah wants the best for us, Allah wants us to back to him and Allah will forgive us no matter what. In syaa Allah.

be patient, sometimes we have limitation that we can not avoid, we have no idea how to get it away from ourselves. Maybe, it is good for us. Nothing is perfect, even when we think that perfection in ourselves. we are in trouble.

comfort zone make us forget about Allah, sometimes, we think everything is fine and nothing we must do again. asking forgiveness is not necessary because we think we already did a right thing. Maybe, this limitation is a key to make us back to Allah, to seek his mercy and to know more about Allah that he is the most merciful.

So, every time we make a mistake. remember this ayah and back to Allah. Ask Allah's guidance to save us. Maybe, that's the right moment to get closer to Allah, to talk to Allah and to learn how to know Allah more, that he is the most merciful.


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