Be Mindful, Be Focus

Hi, everyone. Right now I have two essay deadlines this week but the more I feel pressure the more I think I am productive. every second is matter. I believe that I can do it. So, here I am. writing.

learning from writing my assignment, I understand about timing and productivity. I am writing my essay and really focus about it. I just write the draft in 10 minutes. I thought it was half hour. In fact, it is not. Well, in another moment. I am reading and have no idea what the writer implies, I feel so pressure and swimming in the confusedness (is this word exist?). I thought I need more time to read but I already spend my one hour time to read. HOW AMAZING IS THAT!

I learn something from mindfulness class (Hey, I am not the number one fan of mindfulness but I just want to share the concept) that when you interesting you will pay attention. Otherwise, when you are not interesting you will find something else that interest you, so you are doing something but your mind is not in there. my suggestion is stop!. back off from your laptop and give your time to think. How to make me interesting about this reading?. Okay, I should find another writer that talking about this topic or discussion about it in the trustworthy website. So, I did and it always works. The key is keep finding, keep searching, keep being curious.

Curiosity is important. when you feel curious about something, you will find more about it. Okay, let's say when you are asked to like gong yoo, you know, the famous actor from south korea. well, when you watch his movie in coffee prince, you do not like the movie because it is too romantic, impossible and it is an old movie. When you watch it, you do not like it and you spend your time with that state. you must stop for a while and make a small research, how to make me paying attention with this movie? how to make me interesting? ok, what other movie that he play?. Okay, the newest is "Train to busan". a horror movie about zombie. Hey, you love this. Last year, you attended zombie event with your friend and you had a lot of fun. So, you watch it. And hey, you like it!. Even, you are waiting for the second movie of train to busan. You like gong yoo as well. what a coincidence!

Okay, forgive my random topic today. However, in the light of above, keep being curious, keep studying and keep learning. there are a lot of way to learn and never give up. It is always lots of way to get something, such the idiom said "All roads lead to rome" which means you can take any chance, any possibility because this life full of unlimitedness. everything is figureoutable. Find it!

Be amazing!


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