Back To Melbourne!

This is my second week in Melbourne, after a month and half stay in my beloved country, Beloved city, Medan.

we have welcoming awardee in Melbourne.
Greetings from me to all of new students in Melbourne... welcome friends, I hope you enjoy Melbourne. Hey, I will tell you a secret. You will in love with this place, I event did not realize I already almost a year.. I truly enjoy the moment in here.

I think what the biggest change in my daily life is food. haha..
because my mother doesn't cook for me anymore, Lol
However, I really love cook myself. I like that I feel more independent right now
I need to wake up early to make my own food, to take care of anything
Allahu Akbar, Thanks to Allah who brings me here
I am sooooo happy that Allah has written this all for me.. Thank you Allah

With Love,
With more love and whole of my heart
Thank You Allah

Stockdale Avenue
February 2017


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