Review Think Fast, Talk Smart Video

I Found this video on youtube. I like the video and come up with the idea that I will review some videos that I have already watched and share it with you with my own language.

Communication is an important aspect in our life. we are social creatures. It is impossible not to talk to other people. everyday we speak, sometimes we have an effective communication or maybe just chit chat with friends or even find an educational conversation with our friends.

here is the link

okay. what I have got from the video is three things.

First, talking spontaneously means that encourage others to speak comfortably. I think it can be done when we are used to talk to other people. however, for people that always shy or have no idea what to say. it is not easy. we must start from people around us and try to ask people's opinion like why or the "what, so what and now what.. " structure.

second, to listen. sometimes we are listen to reply not to understand. I realize that this is sometimes happen. we just listen some words from others then reply it. we must understand what they are talking about by having attention or fully focus on our patners. So that, we can have an effective communication. in other word, slow down and listen. I like the games that he made. speak with spelling. it so interesting.

Third. having structure. in communication we should have message or full information that we have. we must able to elaborate the problems, find the option and come up with solution. to be honest, I still can not understand it fully. however, it seems like writing an article. it should be have what, who. why, where, when and how. even, in a simple structure it should be what, why and how.
what we are talking about, why is it happen and how to fix it or how is it related to us.

in nutshell, I love this video. especially the games that interact the audience. one hour duration is really worth it. I hope you enjoy the video the way I do.

Keep positive everyone!


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