Seven days trip to Tasmania, Australia

Hi everyone! welcome back with me. okay, because this is summer. I am happy to share with you about my journey while studying in Australia. there is nothing to do in here. I hope I will get part time to teaching in here. But I am still trying to find out. I hope I will find one.

this trip teach a lot of thing for me. honestly, I discover myself. I am proud to be myself and I receive who I am as who I am. and I would love to make myself to be the best version of me. the first December, I fly to Hobart, Tasmania. one of my friend, she drives for a whole week, such as a though work I guess. I hope one day I can drive and drive in somewhere new too. or maybe someone would love to drive for me and we go somewhere else new. LOL
okay, where we are
In my first day, I go by bus from my home in clayton. I use 733 to Oakleigh and stop at the clayton train station. I stop at the southern crossstation then continue to broadmeadows train station. continue to Melbourne airport bus. Finally I am at the Melbourne airport and take my flight to Tasmania. I just by my self because I had bought a different schedule ticket, my friends arrived at 1 pm but me on 5 pm. luckily, after buy some food they pick me up in Hobart airport. we rent a car and drive to our airbnb house.

I am so grateful having a lovely group, we are 5, me, liza, louisa, geby and syafrizal. I am so happy, there are so lovely, we cook together, eat, laugh and plan our day for the next day. In that house, all of the furniture are brand new. That's my first time using stove like that, I do not know what is it call. You know, I think it is electric stove or touchscreen stove. haha.. Also, all of the kitchenette such as pans, plate and everything is new. So, It make me feel good too cook. Then, the next day we go to botanical garden, mount wellington, having a lunch on the car. When we get off from the car, it is so freezing because we already at the top of the mountain. The view is fantastic and we can see the Hobart from the top. That's so amazing to realize we go to the top of the mountain by car. Just sit gently and we can get the great view of it.

the weather is really cold and the wind is extremely strong. I feel winter in summer. well, Melbourne sometimes like that too. what I love in here is everything so well-managed and clean. I discover my self in a developed country and it really opens my mind. Education is extremely important, not only for us but also for other people. When, we can build an educated community we can build a better world. However, I realize that now I must start it from my self first. I do not want to have an extraordinary dreams, I must start from small, from people around me first.

the third day, we go to port Arthur. I put that on my youtube video you can watch in here for a whole story. This place is well-known as the jail, prisoners from british brought into here. It is so scary but when I look around I feel so grateful and lucky because I can discover their story, seeing their story and walk around peacefully. I have no idea how scary that place was, Though, I can walk around, take picture and listen to their story. The building is quite big, there are different kinds of jails. This is the expansion of british people. I think Australian comes from british, eventhough there are aborigins in here before they came.

That is really unbelieveable that I can not imagine how they sent the convicts thousand kilometres from their home just to punish them. it looks scary but the scenery also beautiful. yeah, can not imagine what happened for the prisoners.

Maybe for them it is punishment, some maybe will view it as a good place. Maybe for rich people in that time or the wife of the commander that time must be really good because they can enjoy the scenery and live happily with their family. However, not for the convicts.

well, that such a though journey, I mean to come and see how the convicts lived in that moment.

okay, then, the next day we went to Swansea. we stayed in a cabin. that really small but comfortable. all of the kitchenette are complete and high technology. we have a great afternoon near the sea, feel the wind and have a good conversation. talk and laugh together.

the next day, we went to Launceston. well, I really love this time because we should have a track. tracking makes me recharge. it was different with in my home country. tracks in here are more enjoyable, easy and you can enjoy the scene while walking. there some sign that you can follow and you can estimate your time. such as 30 minutes to walk to this way or only 15 minutes. all of the information is really help and the scenery is awesome, absolutely lovely.

the last day is to cradle mountain. okay, I have talked about how the track is. I am really blessed and feel grateful for my beautiful day while having a great time in Hobart and Launceston, Tasmania. having a road trip is really a good idea.

when I was back to home, I went to the airport by myself. I learned a lot of things and found people that have the same destination with me. three of us, me, frogie and one chinese man went by taxi, because our agent to airport was full. so they transferred me to taxi, we had a great time and check in at the same time. that was lovely. I am back to my lovely room safely and I really thank to Allah that Allah safe me and give me beautiful days in my journey. Alhamdulillah. :)

so, have a good day and keep positive everyone !! here is the video and do not forget to subscribe :)


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