Morning World

Good morning world.
Today, I will tell you something. I am so grateful that Allah sent my friends to wake me up in the morning. such a magical things that Allah plan all of this without I realize that Allah wants me to wake up in the morning. Thank you Allah

so, my housemate should go to Sydney and I am just alone in my house. I ask my friend to have a pajama party, hoho.. so, here they are. we cook and I made them bracelet as my thankfulness that they accompany me here. we went to botanical garden, have a picnic and shop. well, I am literally grateful that they wake me up at 5 every morning. I hope I can do this myself. yes, I hope

I believe and always believe that when I wake up in the morning, then start my day in early morning, I will achieve my success every single day. yes, I have no idea how it could be, how if I am so sleepy etc. But I believe that it is possible. Yes, it is possible.

everything is figuroutable (is this right :P) yes... Marie forleo once said that everything can be figure out. everything is possible. I can wake up early in the morning.

this story, may come to your life
once you have du'a to Allah, Allah will send the army for you
army that you can not imagine, the army that can help you to achieve what you really want. Amin

I love to call the helpers as Army from Allah. I have seen it from my heart.
It can be an opportunity, can be your background, can be your experience, can be someone that you have no idea can help you. it will come beautifully.

let's smile and face the world happily
hope you have a nice day, today, now.

Keep positive everyone :)
See ya in the next story


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