30 December 2016, Wake up call

Today, I wake up at 5.42, 16 minutes before sunrise
I rush to take wudhu and pray fajr 2 rakaat, Alhamdulillah.
The secret?
I do something different before bed

I have no idea what is the correlation of this habit with waking up in the morning, but this is always work. I hope I keep consistent to build my morning routine. I realize something that if I want to wake up in the morning, I must build my habit in the day before. here what I did

before, I wake up at 8 because this is summer (excuse, LOL)
but, I wake up as early as possible and start my day no matter what, I do not care with what time it was. I just clean my face, cook, clean up my room, read books and start listening to Qur'an. I love the recitation from Omar Hisham Al arabi. here is the link. Just click here

then, I read book and do what I want to do that day event hough the wheather was raining. (Forgive my inconsistent grammar :D)

well... I have a very productive day in my life. I am addictive with Korean mucis, sountrack from the movie, one of the Korean movie. they drag me into other music, other movie and make myself lazy and can not slepp on time. Finally, I decided not to listen to music anymore and change that to Omar's sound which is more relaxing and more beneficial. I hope Allah count this as my effort to get closer to him. Amin

okay, even.. to be honest I still waiting for the next episode of my favorite drama. However, I focus on building my good habit, productive day and morning routine to be my habits. Then, I believe that one day I do not need to do this anymore because I will automatically do that everyday. Without, any effort. It just me.

I call them a process

what I think, when bad or good things are coming towards my day. I see them as opportunity to get closer to Allah. I know I am not perfect. sometimes, I do mistakes. Sometimes, I win my laziness. Something I do not. that is okay. The battle is always there to train me to be stronger and stronger. I know this training is needed so that I can at least against my nafs and Allah will count it as my deen. as a good deed.

I am grateful that I am already in this position, in this condition. I am always dreaming to improve myself everyday. I am always dreaming to continue my study in master program. I am always dreaming not to care of income anymore. I am always dreaming to have a good life. now, Here I am. Allah send me here, in the right place that He wants me to be. Thank you Allah

I know I have bigger responsibility. To lead myself, to help my brothers and sister and to give more to other people. I hope Allah will always lead me to the right way, guide me and complete me.

back to the tips how to wake up early

I start my day with positivety. I am grateful on whatever time I am awake that time. I promise to make my day as productive as possible. I want today is my productive day and I did it.

I keep myself busy rather than connect to internet. I know life is short. I must live my life. not in virtual world but in the real world. to reach, to smell to see with all of my sense. eyes, nose, skin, ear, and mouth. I want to move my body, doing my work, wash my cloth, clean up my room. everything that makes me comfortable. I do what I love. I make bracelet, I read, I cook, I just love what I do.

Then, I refuse for pleasure that make me addictive. I do not do this in one go but step by step. I do not listen to music anymore but replace it with Qur'an recitation. I know I must not to watch the Korean movie too. I should stop it. However, I think I will find the replacement first, I have no idea wheather I should change that with read the novel or something else. in progress. pray for me, please

Last, I change my habit completely. for example, I am used to play with my cellphone before bed. Now, I stop
I change that with writing my planning for the next day. turn off the light and place my laptop and cellphone far away from my bed. Imagine my next morning routine.

I change my mind. sleep is for rest. I sleep because I already did my best that day. so that my body need to receive their present. as a gift, I will find the best. I focus on sleep without anything that disturb me. just me and the darkness. I sleep for rest, then I can do something else tomorrow.

that is my tips for wake up in the morning.
I hope you get some benefits by reading this article
Hope you enjoy and keep positive everyone!


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