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Disuatu sore, pukul 2:15, kereta api arah cranbourne meluncur dengan mulusnya, membawa penumpang yang sedang duduk rapi di bangku-bangku biru muda yang bermotif terompet merah. aku dan ana membawa dorongan kereta, menuju dandenong plaza, mencari jejak-jejak perjalanan yang harus ditempuh, dilewati dan dilihat.

selalu, saat aku berbicara dengan oranglain topiknya selalu saja berat. maksudku, hal-hal yang sebenarnya ringan tapi aku suka berfikir dengan caraku sendiri, bertanya mengapa seperti ini, apa yang sedang terjadi dan apa yang akan terjadi setahun, lima tahun atau dua puluh tabun mendatang. Töpik kami kali ini adalah tentang komunitas dan sistem. Ok, I am trying to use full bahasa Indonesia but this apple mac keep correcting my indonesian language, I am using computer in my university because mine has been repaired, So I just want to tell you about what is in my mind, I need fast. so, allow me to use English guys.

well, about my conversation with my friend. we talk about community and system. How Australia can run a well-organised system for their transport. how transportation can be so well-managed. I do not want to compare my country with any country, because I know Indonesia is special, it will be a developed country someday, the way it is. What is important is how this country makes me really comfortable, feel safe anywhere with CCTV, on time on every aspects, which makes me learn how to manage my time properly, being "in time" person for the first time and learn not to be kepo on other's business.

first reason, because they are discipline. they put bus schedule in every bus stop, and they always make it, even the bus comes earlier. it makes me realize that every single second is important, I count times every minutes. because when I late one minute, I must wait for the next 15 minutes in cold weather. a very effective punishment, I guess.

different in my hometown, except for airlines or flight schedule. we just do onetime for special purpose, go to airport. sadly, we have special clock called "jam karet" which is everyone understood when someone comes late in an appointment, it is normal when an event is delayed for one or two hours after scheduled. or even, for something that also important such as meeting in an organisation. in fact, this small act creates our habits not only personally but also in our community.

second, I realise that everyone in here learn how to be critical thinking. you know what, I know about critical thinking after I learn IELTS in writing. However, indonesian children already learn about critical thinking since kindergarten. I know that critical thinking is in our education, but only in theory. we just learn how to remember something, not engaged ourselves to be critical on information that we have remembered. we received it with no excuse, we received all of the information as fact. in fact, in education, it is not about right or wrong because everything has positive and negative things. there is no fact, what real is our own reality. on the other hand, we always think that what our teachers' said is a fact, not knowledge that should be analysed by ourself, that should be critically think about the truth for us, for people around us, that should be received after that process. even, as knowledge not a fact. then, we are as human has potential to develop it, we have chance to analysed it with what is happening to us, to our community in reality. because, the context can be changed and we have our own perspective that also important to create our own knowledge based on what we have thought.

maybe that's what I want to say, and I write the title is "about us"
can we change this mindset, feed our brain not based on other's judgement, but based on our analysis.
can we receive other's opinion, others' perspective, other's reality in our opinion?
can we create a smart community, can we respect others' invention, others' opinion, others' perspective in our reality, in our believed?

it is so challenging, well, I know  I am a master students have a responsibility to write properly in English. but I am still learning. I do not know any mistakes in my writing, I hope you understand. I just want to spread this experience to you.

In addition, I can not received what people besides me doing, he is enjoying something in his nose, so silly, and spread it with his right hand. I need to go now!

well, Keep positive everyone
I do not edit this writing, just comment if something is wrong or too belibet ya.. haha

Keep positive, Everyday!


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